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How many of us really think about where our plastic trash ends up once we have used it. Its so easy to grab a bottle of water, drink it down and then dispose of it in the trash. Not another thought taken.

Living in Bali single use plastic bottles are everywhere. It is hot, they are cheap and its so convenient to grab a quick drink to cool yourself down. However, the reality of this is most of these bottles end up in landfill or even worse... in our beautiful oceans.

Wet season brings relief to the heat, the internal rivers on the island build up and flow and everything washes out to sea. The unfortunate fact is that when these rivers start flowing, so does the annual migration of a years worth of built up plastic trash.

Each wet season we see our beautiful sandy beaches turn into piles of rubbish. Endless mounds of plastic bags, bottles, straws and other trash. It breaks our heart to see this annual event and makes the issues really hit home.

Slab Interiors is founded by surfers and nature lovers. We love our oceans and want to do everything in our power to protect them. We have made Bali our island home - and now we will stand up for our home and fight to save her.

What is Eco-Crete

Eco-Crete is our newest range of Recycled Concrete Planters and Polished Concrete Tables. Our clever team at Slab HQ have created an 83% Recyclable Concrete Formula which incorporates Recycled Plastic Bottles and other plastics which were destine for landfill.

We have teamed up with Local Businesses, Hotels, Beach Clubs and our local beach community to donate all their used plastics. With the help our our Industrial Shredder we slowly breakdown this trash into a material which we can incorporate into our concrete formula.

Our largest Eco-Crete Planters contain a stunning 100-120 plastic bottles per Planter Pot. They are Strong, Durable, Light and most of all utterly beautiful. Naturally white in color, this new formula gives us the opportunity to mix colors within the concrete producing a wide scale of colored concretes.

This product is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

The reincarnation of plastic bottles into beautiful sustainable long term treasures for your home is something we are deeply passionate about. Join our fight against the use of single use plastics.

To enquire about owning your own beautiful, sustainable, eco-friendly Planter Pot contact our team today info@slabinteriors.org

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